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*squeaks* YOU’RE SO CUTE!!! :3

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You look hella cute! <3

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Oh my goodness, you are super cute

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wow hella cute

AHH thanks so much guys!! i’m so glad you guys like them, i’m smiling like crazy and my face hurts so much now SO THANKS FOR THAT


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they look so awesome!! Did they hurt a lot? do you find they get caught/are a pain or do you just not notice them for the most part.

Well, I got these done just a few hours ago, but the ones I had before after they healed I didn’t notice them at all if I wasn’t thinking about them, and I had rings, not studs. The studs you notice even less.

I only got them caught once when my high school girlfriend had the same ones, but I had rings and she had studs, so it was bound to happen. Otherwise it’s never been a problem.

As for if they hurt, both times I got them done they were a pretty bad pinch, but both times the guys who did them were really good. Make sure you research places that have good reputations and help put you at ease when you go in. I’m a HUGE BABY when it comes to piercings and after the initial pinch it’s mostly just an ache and swelling as they heal, so it’s really not that horrible as long as you keep ice on it. However, neither time I got them did they numb it, so there’s that. There are places you can get pierced that hurt much, much worse. Let’s just say they didn’t hurt enough for me to stop at one :P

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so after years of postponing I finally got my snakebite piercings (re)done! When I had them before they were way farther apart, and I love these so much more. :D


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“Luckily, Jensen Ackles can play the same scene over and over, grappling with the same problems and mulling over the same questions, and turn on a motivational dime without ever showing a crack in his character’s steely resolve. Maybe that’s a testament to what you can learn from doing soap operas, but it probably has something to do that Ackles, at his hardest-working, can seem like the natural heir to both Cary Grant and Steve McQueen„ and, when he’s not working especially hard, can manage to seem like the real Fonzie. I don’t know if Ackles will ever get a better opportunity as an actor than Supernatural, but I do know that, if there were less snobbery about genre entertainment and a low ceiling for critical respect towards anything that airs on CW, for the last several years, the Emmy nominees for Best Actor in a Drama would have been Jensen Ackles and four other guys.” — Phil Dyess-Nugent - A.V. Club (via aboutjensen)

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I get a quite a few questions asking me about my process on digital painting, and because I’m terrible at typing out coherent explanations I decided I’d just upload a video of the process instead. I hope this answers some of those questions.

Basically I:

-Always paint on as few layers as possible, usually one. this helps me change things quickly if i need to

-Change things about 10000X throughout a drawing, as you can see in the video. It’s okay to not get things right the first time because I sure as hell don’t

-have a problem with eyebrows, apparently??

-Use reference! I have two monitors and have tons of reference on the other one to help me get the look of things right. there is nothing wrong with using reference for drawing

-Usually paint in Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop CC

-Use a large Wacom Intuos 4

If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I’ll try to answer as best I can!

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Day 3 - July 19th 2014


Today’s message went to… kikistiel who is quite frankly a stunning artist! They also have art on etsy which is brilliant too!


Hello!! You are the third recipient of a ‘share the love on tumblr’ message!! Supernatural looks like a pretty brilliant show! I don’t live in the US so don’t see it but it looks amazing! I’m not surprised you love Dean! Your art is so brilliant - I’d never be able to draw like you! Hope you have a lovely day! :)

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"I think you gotta kinda be able to make fun of yourself, you know. However you look is just a shell of who you are– it’s nothing really– to do with you."

July 19th, 1982  - Happy Birthday, Jared Padalecki

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you must be so in love, so in love that even as an angel the person you still care about most is the unbeliever.

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Hey guys, what are some of your favorite OTP AU ideas? I’m working on a quick project right now and I need a lot of different ones.

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